Agricultural Business with Small Capital Big Profit

Doing business can be in many ways. One business that is fun and beneficial for the environment is the agricultural business.

Agricultural Business

Many people depend on the agricultural sector for their livelihood. So that the agricultural sector plays an important role in the joints of the national economy.

From the above conditions, to be the most profitable business for the future. Here’s an agricultural business idea that you can look at:

Organic vegetables

People are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy foods, such as organic vegetables. Namely vegetables that are grown without the use of chemicals or substances, such as pesticides.

Finding organic vegetables and processed foods made from organic vegetables is now very easy. Because they are fresher and healthier, the selling price of organic vegetables is definitely more expensive than non-organic.

Growing organic vegetables does not require large land. You can use your yard or rooftop to start an organic vegetable business.

The planting method uses the hydroponic method. Is a planting system that uses water as the main growing medium and replaces the soil. So, it’s easier, cheaper, more effective, and efficient.

The organic vegetable business has a promising market share. You can sell organic farm produce that has been done offline and online. For offline, can be offered to neighbors around.

While online, selling organic vegetables can be through online shopping sites or e-commerce or social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Sell plant seeds

Another profitable business opportunity is selling plant seeds, such as selling fruit and vegetable seeds. Choose plant seeds that are selling well, namely kale, chili, pakcoy, tomatoes, oranges, and others.

To run a business selling plant seeds, you have to find a seed supplier. So, you can sell plant seeds directly purchased from suppliers or do your own harvesting from purchased plant seeds.

Make sure to buy seeds or seeds of good quality, but at low prices from suppliers. In starting this business, you can learn how to cultivate seeds, various plants, research seed suppliers, and others so that the business is successful.

Agricultural Business Cultivation of kitchen spices

If you cook the spices, you have to be hot. Many kitchen spices are used to make the food more delicious. Apart from individual consumers, there are also restaurants, restaurants, catering businesses, and others who desperately need kitchen spices as the basic ingredients for the food they sell.

It’s a business opportunity that has great potential. And you can try this kitchen spice cultivation business. Grow your own spices, such as ginger, galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, lime leaves, bay leaves, kencur, cinnamon, and so on.

Or you can focus on growing one type of spice by using the land at home as a first step. For example, the cultivation of galangal or Laos which does not require a lot of capital.

Learn about the proper and correct way of cultivating galangal, including how to market it. If it develops, your cultivation will not only supply the domestic market, but also penetrate the export market.