How to Choose Good and Quality Wood for Building

How to choose quality wood to make a house? There are many types of wood that can be made for materials to make our homes, one of them: teak wood, camphor wood, meranti wood, merbau wood, bengkirai wood and others.

We choose strong wood, of course, such as teak wood, but the wood is expensive. what about the other options? yes, maybe we are looking for camphor or meranti wood, or other wood, of course we have to choose wood that is good, strong, and has a good texture.

How to Choose Quality Wood

Wood has dense fibers, the trick is to see what wood pores are solid or loose wood pores. In general, if the wood is dense, the wood is heavy and vice versa if the wood is loose, the wood is easy.

Choose straight wood, straight wood is easy to process and makes frame, door material.

Choose wood that is dry or oven, this is to avoid shrinkage and wood fox.

Guide to choosing wood for frames

Wood is widely used as frames, doors and windows. Door frames are easy to get, even though the current price is very pocket-friendly. The windows have a wonderfully warm wood material. It emerges from the wood grain on the surface.

  • If you want to make windows made of wood, it is important to look at the quality. Quality is based on ability, density, and the possibility of shrinking/expanding.
  • It is also important to choose a completely dry wood for the window. Easy steps to know. Choose a door frame that has been primed. This is important so that your window will not shrink/expand after it is installed.
  • Not only dry, the wood must also be resistant to termite attacks. You certainly don’t want to see your window sills eaten by termites. Therefore, make sure the wood has been given anti-termite medication before installing it. If you don’t want to use medicine, use teak wood. Most people know, teak wood is very strong and termite resistant. The older the teak, the stronger it is.
  • Another option is camphor wood. Wood window sills are commonly used so this window has many varieties. Among these types of camphor, the best is samarinda camphor. Although there are still singkil camphor, terrain, compass, and banjar.
  • Make sure the price of the house wood purchased is in accordance with the price on the market. Don’t be fooled, because many sellers will increase the price of the wood.