Teach Children Business Tricks from an Early Age

Generally, if a parent is an entrepreneur or owns a business, it will be passed on to their children. Parents will teach children pass their knowledge and business later on to their children so they can become successful entrepreneurs.

Teach Children

Children may already have innate talent from parents who are entrepreneurs. However, this talent also needs to be trained since childhood, one of which is by introducing and teaching business to children.

Thus, business becomes a field that children like or are interested in, have a great desire to follow in the footsteps of their parents as entrepreneurs, and of course have expertise in the field of business that will be involved.

How to teach business to children from a young age? Here are the tips:

Teach children how to make money

Teach children to have a mental and entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, namely by selling a product to earn money. In this way, children not only get fun business learning.

For example, taking orders for cakes from other people, making handicrafts made by children to sell, or selling used clothes that are suitable for use at home. Because, selling in locations around the house can certainly invite children to join in selling.

How to manage finances

If you have a business and make money, your child will know that making money is not easy. Therefore, you give your child an understanding to value money by managing it properly and correctly.

Not only for today’s needs, but also for the future. Teach children to manage finances such as to finance daily needs, protection, savings, investment, and charity.

Explain to children what the difference between a need and a want for their finances is. Teach children to make a list of needs, budget estimates, so that this becomes an interesting simple simulation for your child.

Thus, children can recognize needs from an early age and control desires from a young age. So, once they run a real business in the future, children are used to setting priorities in managing business finances.

How to make a business plan

You can ask your child about the business idea you have. Or maybe your child has conveyed a business idea to you. So, you can guide your child to make a business plan.

For example, selling fruit ice in front of the house. Means starting to compile, the raw materials and equipment needed, to the estimated capital. You can teach children to save and collect business capital.

Even if you also provide support with additional capital from you so that children can realize their business ideas. Children will definitely be happy and enthusiastic to run it.

Teach children to overcome failure

Every business or business must have ups and downs. If no one buys the fruit ice business, for example, the child will definitely feel sad. However, children must also understand that running a business does not always sell or it is not always profitable.

Sometimes suffer losses. In these conditions, you can teach your child how to deal with failure. For example, invite children to promote fruit ice to neighbors, relatives, or school friends, playmates at home.

So, you give an example that if you fail, don’t give up immediately, but look for solutions. So that your child will have the mental steel to become an entrepreneur later.

Accompany and provide support and motivation to children

When doing a business that makes money, children will feel bored and tired. Your job is to always accompany, and provide support and motivation so that the child remains consistent with the business plan that has been made.

You can give him a break from selling for a day or two. But not allowed to continue, so as not to be lazy. Give children the understanding that what they are doing now is very good and useful for the future.